Human-Centered Robotics: Interaction, Physiological Integration and Autonomy

Organizers: Siddarth Jain, Brenna Argall, Elliott Rouse, Andrea Thomaz, Dave Ferguson


Human-centered robotics focuses on the science and systems needed for robots to interact, assist and cooperate with humans. It is a multifaceted and challenging domain which entails robot operation in human environments and close interaction with non-professional users. The workshop aim is to tackle this topic from multiple perspectives: (i) physiological integration with the human body; (ii) physical and social interaction with humans; and (iii) autonomy in dynamic and uncertain environments. There also will be a focus on assessment tools from each of these disciplines, with the hope of beginning to synthesize assessment standards for human-centered robotics that draw from each. The workshop will foster multidisciplinary discussion and a consolidation of perspectives, methodologies and assessment tools in order to align and benefit research efforts in human-centered robotics. The program includes distinguished invited talks, a panel discussion and a poster session.